EGR code 71

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Jan 28, 2022
I’ve seen many many many post but they all speak to people who know what they are doing and or looking at hahaha.

Would a legend please break it down Barney style with pictures and an step by step direction for how to diagnose a code 71.

Too poor to pay a mechanic and I’m perfectly able to learn and do so I will do!

Thank you in advance!
Jan 1, 2020
First things first what is your vehicle and year. Second is to look at your FSM if you don’t have one download one for free in the resource section. Third MUD will Help you if your do some pre work instead of asking for a hand out. Not trying to be rude just a direct human here. Fourth visually check hoses a cracked hose can throw this code. Test the associated pieces of the system the FSM is very clear and easily digestible on how to do this. Chances are pretty good you have a clogged EGR valve which is cleanable and testable. After that check back and someone will help out.

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