EFI fuse

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Apr 3, 2012
AZ (Far East Valley)

I took the 80 with the mighty 3FE to the White Mountains this weekend. I was pulling a small pop up camper and had the wife, two kids and our gear in the truck. Going through the Salt River Canyon was not too bad. I dont mind getting passed by guys on peddle bikes while going uphill.:mad: When I got to Show Low the truck was very hard to start and had no power.

I checked the EFI fuse and it was glowing red and very hot. The rest of the fuses in the box were not as hot. I got a new fuse at Checker and put it in the truck. The truck ran great and started the rest of the weekend. On the way home I checked the fuse box several times along the way. Every fuse in the box was smoking hot and could not be touched. Is this normal or do you think I have a short in the wires somewhere causing this type of heat in the box? I also took pictures of the odometer turning over 100K.:)

Mine have always been hot when I touched them FWIW
The early '80 had an issue with undersized wiring in the EFI fuse/relay area, needs to be upgraded for reliability.
Kevin thanks for the info. The box seems to get the heat from the manifold on the 3fe. I wonder if I could relocate it to a cooler place or build a heat sink for it?
As long as the factory heat shields are in place on the exhaust manifolds, I wouldn't worry about it. The "glowing red" part would cause concern.
X2 if it was actually "glowing".

Several threads out there about upgrading the wiring on these.

Glad everyone made it home!

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