EFI/CEL/ABS/VSC Problem, Please help!

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May 12, 2009
Hey guys, I have a real doozy on my hands...

Started when I was winching the truck off an incline. The battery died down and engine killed, which is somewhat typical when winching.

I tried to jump the car off with no luck and towed it home. I found my EFI-1 and EFI-2 fuses blown, check engine light on, ABS light on, VSC light on.

I replaced the two EFI fuses and reset the P-0446, p0455, p0455 lights figuring the truck starved for fuel and cut out due to the angle. (yes I checked the gas cap!).

After charging the battery all night, I started the car up, it rode fine. Started it up a second time, killed out and blew EFI-1 (replaced), started it up again and blew EFI-2 only. Now sometimes it blows 1, sometimes it blows 2. Sometimes it starts sometimes not. Fuel guage sometimes shows 100% sometimes 0%. It is not driveable or safe as is.

The only other similar problem I have had is that it bogged down a couple times making a right turn, as if VSC had to take over and killed the acceleration- not a fast right turn either. Once before I had the same codes pop up, I tightened the cap and cleared them and never saw them again.

Also, it may be worth noting that I need new brake rotors and pads, but didn't have the time to replace them yet.

I looked under the car to see if anything looked strange, but the only thing odd was one wire was crispy as if once the insulation melted. I chased it down in the dark and it rides the passenger side, has a loom it is wrapped in, then looks like it crosses within the chassis to the fuel tank.

Any guess will help. thanks guys. BTW, the problem is on a 2004 Sequioa
I don't have any technical suggestions, but if you don't have any luck with feedback from this forum, you might try tundrasolutions.com - more tech savvy folks familiar with your engine and electronics.

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