Edge CS/CTS Insight (95 and newer Cruisers)

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Feb 7, 2009

Being the Newb I am, I posted this over in the 100 series section not realizing that it also applies to some of the 80 guys, and all other vehicles newer than 1996.

It makes sense to have it here in electronics where its more likely to be viewed by all applicable vehicle owners.

Here's a quick run down.

I'm involved in testing this new monitor for Edge Products. It displays various vehicle parameters in real time, scans and clears trouble codes, times 1/4 mile and 0-60 times, has a user definable alert system, and keeps records of maximum values the vehicle has reached.

It's a really cool display that has an expandable accessories system, you can currently connect a back up camera (CTS - the big screen only) EGT probes, and a pressure sensor. But they are also going to release a generic 5v sensor pig tail down the road so any sensor that uses 5v reference can be connected.

So far I'm really pleased with it. Here's a shot of it in my Hundy:


Here's a link to Edge's site that tells you the specifics.

Edge Products| What's Happening

I had a handful of people ask me about setting up a group buy, so I spoke with Edge and they made all the arrangements. Click the link in my SIG if you're interested in learning more about it.

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