For Sale East TN: 2000 LC 256k Silver/Tan Leather $8500

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United States
I have a '00 LC 256K Miles, Silver, Tan Leather. I'm 3rd owner, 1st owner (lady) drove from 0-192k and got trans replaced sometime in the first 20k miles, second trans is perfect and has been since the replacement.

2nd owner was a FANATIC about service, comes with folder with receipts and records. Had new waterpump, timing belt, shocks, breaks, ignition, belts, fuel pump / filter, new O2 Sensors, new MAF sensors, plugs, drive shaft greased religiously, along with oil and normal maintenance. comes with set of 18 tundra wheels with tires with about 5k left on them, also 16" LC stock wheels and tires and full size spare. Mechanically perfect truck. No leaks, doesn't burn oil. Makes no noises what-so-ever. Interior is 9.5/10 with only driver seat wear. Complete 3rd row seats with all plastic covers. Nothing wrong with anything on the truck AT ALL.I will post pics later of the folder with the service notes.

Exterior has some hail damage on the passenger side front and rear quarter panels, and hood. Ive actually already sourced parts for 250 for the hood and front qp but they need to be repainted (In North Fla)

Anyway, It's a toy, 3rd vehicle, not in any hurry to sell it, just need to make room. $8500.00

If anyone wants pics of anything else just let me know.

Is the hood covered in little dents or is the camera lense wet? If dents; driving range? Giant hail? Zombie attack? Ex-wife with a hammer?
Little Dents Hood is actual hail damage. From actual hail. From the sky. I've luckily avoided Divorce, Out of control golf balls, wet camera lenses, zombies and pissed off hammers.
That sucks. I would have been so mad to walk outside to see that damage. Good luck with the sell.

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