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Sep 29, 2003
I will need the Newly elected officers e-mail addresses so i can Forward the respective e-mail addresses to them..

We have a few issues with the e-mail.. The first is, 98% of the mail that comes to these addresses are Spam.. with my E-mail (hotmail) most of that is filtered and sent to the Junk Box.. but if you dont have this setup this way, you should setup a spam filter..

One possible way to fix this, is to change the addresses, thus Prez@ instead of President@.. then we would change this on the website, and make it harder for spamers to get the address, by listing like this "Prez "at" ColoradolandCruisers.org" or simiar.. this may work, it may not..

Also Please send me a good photo of your Rig for the Officers Page! and thank you for volunteering for office, and to those who have held office in the past!

Colorado Land Cruisers

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