E Brake Shoe Return Spring Problem

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Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, Ga
I cannot get the shoe return springs back on. (the two springs at attach to the top of the shoes) Any tips/tricks to get those suckers back on because I'm having a tough time extending them to get them on and I don't want to bend them.
Ahh yes the dreaded springs and shoes.
My 70 series gives me problems every time.
This is my fix....Only taken me ten years.....

Don't locate both the shoes with those push and turn button things.
Just do one.
Go and get a small belt or tie down.
Now hook those top springs in place and pull the shoes down and around in place..
Get the strap around the shoes and pull it up so they hold them.
This will hold the shoes so you can then put in the second push turn button thing in the second shoe.
Then all that is left is the single spring at the bottom.
Might be a bit fiddly but once you do it a few times it gets easier.

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