e-bay: Toyota Metal Tool Box, Small

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Aug 21, 2003
I've decided that I need to part with some of my collection. :D

You've seen the regular/large size box that is dark green before.
This one is a tad smaller and I'm not sure if it came in old Toyota vehicles or used to hold wrenches and sockets, etc...

I do not know how old these boxes are, but I would venture to say 30-40 years old. But please correct me if I'm wrong, as I would like to be enlightened to know of its real origin!

The auction is scheduled to start at 8:30 PST and should run for a week.

I'll try to give it a bump a few times to serve as a reminder to you guys, but I don't have a reserve so it's going for sure!

I personally would leave it as-is and enjoy it the way it is, but if you need to paint it your own color be my guest! It's got a healthy dose of rust at the bottom of the box, but you should be able to sand it down to the bare metal.

I also don't have a buy-it-now price, but if you feel that you just gotta have it, then PM me your offer and I would most definitely consider it!

Thanks guys for looking and hope it ends up going to one of you guys!

Mot :cheers:

e-bay auction link



tool box and arb clears 001.jpg
tool box and arb clears 002.jpg
tool box and arb clears 010.jpg
Final bumpage (1hr to go!)

It's only $21 now, guys!

Come and get it cheap!! :crybaby:
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