e-bay: LC100/LX470 Ladder For Sale!

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Aug 21, 2003
I hate crowding this section with my for sale items, but it is getting to be the time that I must be parting with my parts... :frown:

So, I'm putting up on e-bay, a rear ladder manufactured by a well-known blingy 4x4 accessory company from Japan: JAOS.

Oh, I know you're frowning, but you've made it down this far, so why not go a little further! :hillbilly:

It is a VERY well constructed piece and is rather beefy!

It is used, but as you can see, it is in EXCELLENT condition. The top bracket's rubber sheet is peeling off, but I'm going to throw in a different/new sheet, so should you choose to replace it, you can do it to your liking!

The picture shows it being mounted on the 100 series w/JDM rear tire carrier. But I have verified with JAOS that it would fit those w/o the tire carrier.

And the best part of it is that it does not require any drilling!!! :bounce:

Anyway, this ladder has been discontinued for A LONG time and is extremely hard to come by! (Boy, do I sound like a cheap, sleazy used car sales man! :doh:)

IIRC, when new it cost something like $400! :eek:
But now I have it up for $1 with NO RESERVE!! :D

HOWEVER, it is making me VERY nervous that nobody would take it!! :crybaby:

So, I'm hoping that you guys would put my mind at ease, by bidding early and HARD!! :grinpimp:

Please let me know if I can answer any questions though!

Thanks again for looking and I'm going to put up the OEM rear visor for the 100 in the near future as well! I have one on my 80 and I love it! But I guess some of the US 100's came with one already or something, eh? :doh:

Thanks again!!




OEM fogs and JAOS ladder 064.jpg
OEM fogs and JAOS ladder 071.jpg
This one also doesn't have any bids!! :crybaby:

I was afraid that it's just too big/expesive to ship for most of you! :doh:

I hope someone is in need of a blingy, but a very capable ladder for his/her 100!

Thanks, as always, for looking! :beer:
It ends tonight, guys, PLEASE!!! :eek:

And only one bid! :crybaby:

Hope it goes to a good home though!

Mot ;)
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