Dyno Day

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Dec 29, 2006
Drove by Valley Fuel Injection this morning and saw that it's their annual Dyno Day today. Took a cruise through the lot expecting to see a bunch of JDMs and a few turboed local Cruisersheads like Greg or Sheldon winding up there turbos on the dyno. Actually about 20 minutes earlier I saw Greg in his 74 heading S on Fraser Way. Sadly the lot looked more like an advert for Dodge with a few Fords thrown in for contrast. I did see one Hilux parked in the lower lot waiting its turn. Man that would be :censor: if it decided to pop the head gasket on the dyno in front of all those big Cummins.
How long is that running for? Guess I could phone.

Just talked to Rick, guy on my dart team that works the front desk there, its over at 3 (2 now). One would have to be there early, like 7ish, to get in line. They also can't test full time 4wd, but they do have these dyno days twice a year, the next one being in October.
Maybe I'll take the 40 out for that one, always been kinda curious as to how much that small block really puts out.
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So that's what that was. I drove by there today with my kids running errands, got a couple of cheers, waved and kept going. A 3B on a dyno, hmmmm.....
It would be interesting to run both the '60 and the '55. They both are turbo'd 3B's but the '55 feels much more powerful.

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