'Dusty' - HDJ 80 series

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Sep 7, 2014

I picked up my first Landcruiser a few months ago. Previously had a Hilux and a swb GQ Patrol. Had a shaky start with a snapped conrod 500km after I picked it up. This was particularly disappointing as the engine had just been rebuilt and done 350km when I bought it.

So I'm currently trying to pry some cash out of the PO and the mechanic who did the rebuild but so far I've not had much luck. There is an incredibly convoluted story to this which is just too boring to go into here. Suffice to say I'm looking at my legal options in the new year.

Anyway. The upside is the 1HD-T is getting a complete recondition by diesel engine specialists. While the engine is out a HD clutch is going in too. I've got a 3" exhaust system and a 4" stainless steel snorkel sitting in my shed to go on when the engine is finished.

Apparently the turbo is on its last legs too. So I'm probably going to take the opportunity to upgrade to a Gturbo! Heard a lot of very good things about these turbo and figure if I'm forking out close to $2000 for a standard turbo why not a few hundred dollars more and get a kick ass one?! Then a fmic and eventually a custom airbox. Why not hey?

I've put my 285/33" MTZs on already but that was all I did in the 3 days the car was functioning. I'm hoping to get a 2" flexi coil kit with Tough Dog shocks when I've saved up a bit of cash.

I've got a winch, air compressor and some spotties ready to go on. There are a bunch of other smaller mods I'd like to do when the finances have recovered from the engine reconditioned like ripping the carpet out and getting vinyl, rock sliders and a rear bar with tyre carriers.

This was it when I picked it up

And this is it with my MTZs

Really looking forward to getting it back in the new year and heading bush again!
This is a pic of the hole in the block from the snapped conrod

It's about the size of my fist and there is another, smaller one on the other side.
That really is a shame. You'll have to post pictures of the engine internals to see if there is anything else wrong.
The engine is sitting in pieces at the reconditioner's so no pics sorry. Definitely a snapped co rod though. Apparently the crankshaft looks ok but they're going to double check that in the new year. Got my fingers crossed to get it back by the end of January!
Thought it might be interesting to do a list of planned mods so I can cross them off as I go.

1. Engine reconditioned including injectors.

2. 3" exhaust

3. Stainless snorkel

4. 1Fz airbox lid

5. Gturbo!

6. Fmic

7. 2" flexy coil lift

8. Mount winch

9. Install cb

10. Install compressor

11. Remove 6 stack cds player and install new stereo head

12. Cargo barrier

13. Repair front flares

14. Change gearbox, transfer and diff oils

15. Install diff, gearbox and transfer breathers

16. Find drivers side weather sheild

17. Swap carpet for vinyl

18. Rock sliders and maybe scrub bars

That's all I can think of now, I'll add to it as I come up with new things to do and cross them off as I do them.
Hmm, doesn't seem to let me edit my post, I'll have to figure that out.

In the mean time a fee extra mods I forgot to put in.

19. HD clutch

20. EGT and boost gauges

21. Part time 4WD kit
I found out that the 2" flexy kit is only on sale til today. Goes back up to $1900 tomorrow apparently. So I ordered it with the 45mm Tough Dog shocks. I'll get the mechanic to press the castor correction bushes in but will install the rest myself. The flexy coils are a lot longer than normal springs though so I also picked up some coil compressors off eBay for $50.

I popped into the mechanics today to grab some stuff from the car. This is a shot of the empty engine bay, kind of sad but exciting too. Going to be great to drive it again after almost 5 months!!



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