dumb question

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Apr 1, 2006
Dallas, TX
RH= passenger side
LH= drivers side

RH as the driver faces out regardless of what side the steering wheel lives

or another way; from above the front is the front, the RH side is on the right, you know the rest

RH= passenger side
LH= drivers side


The *strong* preference here in the 80-Section is to use Right and Left as when sitting in the vehicle, facing forward. "Passenger Side" (PS) changes for OZ, Japan, England, and many other markets. We have a lot of 'Mud members from all over the world and it is rude (and incorrect) to presume PS=Right.

This can be confusing when discussing locations in the engine bay because some people forget and say "right side of the engine bay" while they are looking that direction. Of course, the person making this statement is wrong and should be using Right side and Left side of the engine bay as though they were sitting in the vehicle, looking forward.


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