Dual Tcase questions.

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Dec 9, 2014
Hi all, Im building a 85 pickup, its a base model 22r carb truck with a 5speed. I recently traded into a 82 crawler pickup that has duals in it, also with a 22r but a 4speed. I was wondering if i can use this dual tcase setup from the 4speed on my 5speed truck? I know ill need a different crossmember cause i dont think the bud built one will work on the newer truck. Any helps appreciated.
They are both 21 spline and I think the bolt pattern is the same IIRC with the L45 and the W56. Whether the shaft is a different length, I am not sure. I know Marlin makes line ups for the 79-95 dual case for the 4-bangers, they may be able to answer the question if nobody else chimes in.

Drop Bud a line, they are awesome. The 4-cyl DC cross member looks the same in the pictures on their site, but different part numbers:meh:

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