dual batts.

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Jan 29, 2005
virginia beach, va
what materials and parts do i need to set up a dual batteries? and where can i get them?
You won't get much response on questions like this because they have been so very well covered.

There is some dual bat stuff here:

Also, check past discussions by searching here.

I just finished mine and I can tell you there are several different ways to do it, based on what you want to accomplish.

Iam using a pac-200 giant relay, that basically just splits the out put of the alternator to the two batteries and keeps everything isolated. A bid ass fuse before the relay, and a switch that takes the relay out of the loop if I want to.

Here's some more info

Lots of coverage on mud in the past. Do some digging, and if you need some clarification on a specific topic ask and I am sure you will get lots of help.

There was an exhaustive thread on this in outfitting last year. Doa search for that, we covered just abiut every possible permutation and philosophy. Useful stuff. It helps a lot if you know why you need a second battery...

Mike S

Or just buy this 60...

daddyo said:
I'm curious, why do people want dual batteries?


You hook your winch or fridge up to the AUX (2nd) battery and when it goes flat your Starter (First) battery will start you and get you going.

Sure beats pushing. :grinpimp:
daddyo said:
I'm curious, why do people want dual batteries?


Redundancy = Reliabililty. Why carry two spares? Same deal.

Really important if you winch much.

Old thread here...rise old thread and answer me this question!

For light use would not a yellow top single battery do well enough for the occasonal
winch job, keep the motor running windh a lttle rest a little, For casual fireroading why weight down the grig and spend the $ for the outside chance you'll winch long enough to bugger starting the rig?

You guys that go out and work at getting stuck then pull each other out, I see the dual set up being the way to go. Redundancey and all that, big lights, loud music. I just boink around and might highside or slide off a road....ONe BAttery?

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