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Apr 22, 2015
Quick question about the dual battery system or "arctic package" or "winter package", that comes as an option, on some kzj78's. The car is now in Africa on the equator and it's not too cold here, ever. I've twice replaced both batteries and it seems that I need to do this again quite soon. This last set has lasted 2 years. I have no goals of installing a split-charge system for a winch or refrigerator. I just want to have a reliable, turn-key prado.

Is there any real benefit for me to keep replacing 2 batteries or should I look into deleting the 2nd?
Thanks. Starter is 12v.

Even though I don't see myself installing a fridge in the near future, would keeping the 2 batteries and installing an isolator help improve battery lifespan and at the same time provide a backup in case the main battery runs flat? I'm often in remote areas here and my main goal is to avoid getting unnecessarily stranded.

I'd appreciate any advice on this or suggestions pointing me in the right direction.
The main cause of Battery's dieing in two years is from getting cooked under the bonnet. Maybe you can keep the second in the shed in a trickle charger and swap them around every few weeks and when going off the beaten track fit the second. Hopefully this will give the next set of battery's some extra life.

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