SOLD Dual Battery System, 100 Series second battery tray & Fuse Block

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Nov 8, 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
I recently sold my 2000 Land Cruiser, and have some items that were not part of the sale. They are as follows:

Complete National Luna dual battery kit (from Equipt1), sells for $395 new. Instead of using the included wires, I used larger #2 welding cable and bigger new lug connectors. All of the wires are already inside of corrugated loom (red for positive, black for negative) and have larger terminal rings installed with marine shrink wrap. Asking for $210.

Slee dual battery tray, including tie-down bracket and hardware. (sells for $120 new). I have since reused the battery terminal hardware that comes with the kit, so that is not included in the sale. Asking for $55.

There is currently a 12 circuit Blue Sea auxiliary power block with integrated negative terminals installed on the Slee tray bracket. Goes for $75 new. Asking for $35.

To summarize:

Dual battery controller (with heavy-duty wires): $210

Slee dual battery tray: $55

12 Circuit Blue See Aux Power Block: $35

National Luna Dual Battery System.jpg

Dual Battery Wire Lug.jpg

Dual Battery Wire.jpg

Second Battery Tray.jpg

Aux Fuse Block.jpg

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