Dual Axis Spot Light Base

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Aug 26, 2009
down in a hole.
I tried using search first.....
I want to build a remotely operated dual axis spot light base for my rig. I want to be able to spin it all the way around in either direction and then tilt all the way up and over its fulcrum about 270 degrees. I am picturing a micro slew gear with a 12 volt drive and some sort of servo to roll the light over its fulcrum. the control does not seem to be that complicated and I know a 4 way key fob and receiver board are available, I figured I would use a micro switch to turn on the light whenever it was unstowed and I would like to figure out how to do an auto stow on it. I'm guessing that would require a board and some encoders for positioning signals? I am having trouble finding a small enough slew drive or big enough servo(not sure how big I will need???)that doesn't cont an arm and a leg. If anyone has any ideas here, I'd like to read em. Thanks!

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