Driveshaft angles

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Jun 28, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
When using a standard non-cv driveshaft, you want the t-case output and the pinion flange to be parallel to each other correct?

So if I were to use an angle finder and measure the angle of the t-case flange, and the pinion flange I should be able to figure out if I need to add shims to the rear leafs am I right?

I'm using some large shackles in the rear (2" over stock) and have some vibes in the rear end. I'm tearing apart my suspension this weekend and this would be a good time to add in shims if they are needed.

Does anyone know if there are any chain parts stores that carry steel shims (not aluminum)?

Yes you do want angles to be parallel to each other. The rear pinion angle can be off about degree downward when done. This will allow for lubrication of the needdle bearings and the pinion under load will rotate upwards getting you to closer to parallel. Steel shims are out there, but harder to find..

Try this link for steel shims
The Rig is right - frame & axle shop in Denver dialed the front of my '56 F100 so it wouldn't wander.

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