Drilling out Square tube

Nov 15, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
I have a 2.5," .25wall square tube piece (43") that I'm going to use as a horizontal piece for my shock mounts in the rear (running between frame rails. It weighs 25lbs and I want to lighten it up by drilling 1.5" and 1" holes every few inches across the length of the tube.

will I keep most of the tube strength? do it on all for sides alternating the spacing on each side so the holes oppose the strength points?

I'd be lying if the cool factor was not an added consideration. Thanks in advance.:grinpimp:
Dec 26, 2007
You're going to go through several hole saws if they're anything like the one's I use. I'd suggest using a lighter piece of steel. You're not going to save any money using that one if you go through several hole saws.

If you really want to do the holes, I'd definitely stagger them like you are talking about. You're gonna lose a lot of strength, but since you're starting out with 1/4 wall and only using it for shocks, it won't matter.


The Anti-Leafer
Nov 11, 2002
Dallas, Georgia
You already have a frame crossmember close to the shock bridge you want to use. Can you not run smaller pieces perpendicular to the existing frame crossmember to catch the shocks? The only areas you need 1/4" wall is link mat'l. or skid plating, IMO.
Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
It'd be knida cool to match the holes and weld in sleeves. That is since youre going through the trouble for the cool factor. That way you wont sacrifice strength.
Ive seen FC fab do this kind of thing, and he is (IMO) the KING of COOL fab.
Although, he has a dimple die too that he uses a LOT.

Just a thought.

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