downey torsion bar question

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Jan 13, 2007
In the garage.
Got a set of Downey Torsion bars at a swap meet
One has yellow letters. & one has white letters
which one is left side & which one is left side?

Also, can I use these with my ball joint spacers?

Thanks for the help

I here the guy from Downey posts on here, what's his screen name?
The ends are different diameters, and they are keyed and will only go on and work one way. Pull one side off and put on the one that matches with the same keying positions at both ends. The keying is just one of the ridges on each end is ground down about half way. They keying is rotated a bit from end to end and in opposite directions for each side.

Yes you can use them with the ball joint spacers.
i have the same units, they should be marked "L" and "R" on the adjuster end. and they only fit in one way, pretty much idiot-proof in that respect.
^Exactly as far as installation. If they're both the same diameter they're the same, no difference as to whether or not one's left side (driver's) or right (passenger's).

If you're really worried b/c of the different color printing I'd try to get a hold of Jim through his ebay account where he goes under the name thetojoman. When I was younger Jim was a decent guy, things apparently happened w/ the shop and he couldn't keep up on the business side but I hear he does well there.

We don't see him posting as much in the forum's since he retired/closed the shop for business.

Good luck.
Thanks for the input. That helps a lot

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