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Doug thorley

Apr 13, 2020
For those looking for a review of the Doug Thorley cat back system on the 100 series.

The initial unboxing had me surprised. The piping was far thicker and heavier than expected, in a good way. The welds were clean and the bends were perfect. The only thing lacking from the kit were the exhaust gaskets, as the instructions say to reuse the old gaskets. (Which I did not do nor do I recommend) the clamps and hardware on the other hand, were provided and were very stout.

The install was extremely straight forward and easy to say the least. Leave the pipes loose until they’re all in and fitted and tighten from the front back. It would’ve taken me probably less then an hour from start to finish if I was not dealing with some rusted hardware and less than spectacular previous repairs to the exhaust.

Now for my initial impression on start up and the first drive after install. This system is not quiet, I REPEAT IT IS NOT QUIET. With that said it’s not extremely loud but it’s throaty. In my opinion it sounds great, just enough volume and that great throaty exhaust sound. For those wondering if there’s a drone; yes there is a drone. For me it’s at 57-62 MPH or 2000-2200 RPM. It’s not terrible but for those who may not like or can’t tolerate it, I wouldn’t recommend this system. I’ve had a few different vehicles with different exhaust systems, flow master 40 series,super 44 series, and 50 series. I’ve had cherry bomb glass packs and straight pipes as well, in my younger/dumber years. This compares closest to the 50 series flowmaster in my opinion if anyone is familiar. No popping or super loud but the classic throaty exhaust tone. I hope this helps anyone who may be on the fence or unsure about this system. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer.


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