Door Lock Issues

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Jul 30, 2003
Syracuse, Utah
Today, my 2000 Cruiser locks decided to stop working (using the keyfob). The battery of the keyfob was weak, so I replaced it and now the keyfob will not lock the truck. I can get into the truck, shut the door and lock the doors using the switch on the door and hit the unlock botton on the keyfob and it unlocks the doors. I tried using the key in the door and it doesn't lock the doors either. It acts like there is a door open. I checked the switches at each door and they appear to be working correctly. Is there another microswitch in the door latch mechanism that senses when the door is shut (was thinking maybe the switch I was looking at was purely for the dome lights). Any thoughts?
Damn, I was hoping you would find a more global fix. Ours has been doing the same thing since we bought it. We don't mind using the key to get in like you used to have to do last century, but it would be nice if they worked. Not something I want to spend a bunch of time on though.
So I need to be honest...I actually gave up trying to fix it (got really cold last night and didn't feel like getting any more sick) and let the local dealership look at it. I was pretty skeptical that they would find the issue. Low and behold, about an hour after dropping it off, they called and said they found the issue. They charged me $59 bucks to fix it. Well worth it in my opinion. I was on the right track...the truck thinks there is a door open somewhere. I would recommend checking the dome light function with each switch. I am glad it is working again.

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