Does anyone have diagrams/descriptions for A/C? Want to read up...

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Jan 13, 2007
Orange, NSW
My aircon needs attention. Took it to one place who quoted me AUD$900 worth of work, which includes a new compressor.

I have a second place lined up for a second opinion.

My trouble is that i don't know much about aircons as this is the first car i've had with one fitted. I want to know how they all screw together and the parts of it, so i can get my head around the system before i take it the second place for a quote.

Also what constitutes a knackered compressor..? Just because it needs new seals and re-gassing, would that automatically mean new compressor..?

Any advice, hints/tips, etc, would be greatly apreciated ~PHIL
cheeky bump - cos i could really do with some info, if you've got it! :)

ahh! Thanks! Some good stuff there - looks to be along the lines of what i was after, so i will print it out and have a wander around the truck's system. See what i come up with! :)

Thanks ~PHIL

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