Dobinson rear springs lengths

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Apr 28, 2021
Western NC
Do the Dobinson rear springs have a specific left hand/right hand orientation like some of the other brands? I've noticed Dobinson makes note of the LH/RH springs in the FAQ but was unsure if the 200 series kits have specific springs for each side. I have a bit of a lean after lift install and I'm trying to troubleshoot if its just KDSS or a rear spring mismatch.
I just installed my rear Dobinson springs tonight. They had “left” and “right” tags on the springs.
Do you recall if one side was longer than the other?

Also… are the tags attached at the bottoms where they sit in the lower spring seat?

Edit: Just got an email response back from Dobinson and they confirmed that there is a 30mm length offset from left to right specific springs for the 200 series.
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This is the tag from the passenger side spring.
I just finished my install this morning. King 2.5” coilovers in front, King 2.5” shocks in back with Dobinson C59-559V rear springs. Initially it is a little higher than I expected, but I’m hoping for some settling.
Awesome thanks for the heads up on the labels. Appreciate the follow up on that!

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