Do Prado doors fit on a Bj70

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May 17, 2011
B.C. Canada
I have a 1985 BJ70 that has a bit of a crunched up drivers side door I found a Prado parts truck in my area that could be a good donor, but is it going to fit? appreciate the help
I believe the SWB doors are slightly longer than the four door versions. Allows more room for the passengers to get into the rear seats.
That said I believe the LJ71 appears to share the outer skin panels but the frame doesn't match (looking thru
That could be to do with the electric window setup in the LJ....

See if you can borrow a door and test it.....Or take your door to see if it fits in the donor vehicle...
No wrong , Both the Prados and BJ70's have rounded top front corners, its the MWB 70s that have the squarish top front corner

Having said that no the front doors off the LWB Prado will not fit a Shorty , they have a profile to match the rear doors that the SWB doors do not.
The doors off a SWB prado tho will fit. But you might have internal differences as KbushNZ said.
I've dealt with that guy and drove out to his place to get some stuff. He's a jerk if it makes you feel any better and I'd have been willing to have purchased a whole lot more from him had he been even somewhat reasonable.

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