DMV Registration, Weight

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Aug 12, 2014
Near Charlottesville, VA
I'm going to get my BJ74 registered in VA this afternoon.

The form asks for Empty Weight, Gross Weight and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

I've found 2 differing sets of numbers and I'm not sure about the terms here.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Dimensions Engine
Overall Length: 4410 mm Model: 13B-T
Overall width: 1690 mm Type: Direct Injected Turbo Diesel
Overall height: 1865 mm Design: Inline 4 Cyl.
Wheel base: 2600 mm Bore and Stroke: 102.0 x 105.0 mm
Tread front/rear: 1425 mm / 1420 mm Displacement: 3431 cc
Ground clearance: 205 mm Compression ratio: 17.6
Turning radius: 5.3 m Max net power: 91 kW @ 3400 RPM
Max net torque: 280NM @ 2000 RPM
Weight: Fuel tank capacity : 90 litres
Net: 1680 kg
Gross: 1955 kg Transfer:
High: 1.000
Transmission (5spd Manual): Low: 2.295
1st: 4.843 Axle Ratio: 4.111
2nd: 2.619
3rd: 1.516 Suspension
4th: 1.000 Front: Semi-elliptic leaf spring
5th: 0.845 Rear: Semi-elliptic leaf spring
Reverse : 4.843
Brake Tire
Front: Disc Size: LT215/SR15
Rear: Drum
Thanks! I found that data also.

I found the following numbers on an Expedition Portal thread:
Net Weight: 1,870 kg
Gross Weight: 2,380 kg
Payload: 400 (250) kg

So Net correlates to DMV's Empty Weight and Gross = Gross Weight; what is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating? Its also on this document.

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