DIY 12v bench test - any have parts list to build

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Mar 29, 2006
Anyone have specifics on how to build a DIY 12volt power source/supply?
Ideally I just want it to test switches and led circuits on my work bench without having to find a constant 12v in the 60 every time.
The easiest way is to just use a 12v battery. But if you want you can also use a wall wart style DV adapter in 12v, you can usually find these at radio shack strip the end off and there ya go - becareful not to exceed the MA ration of the wart or your electronics.

Constructing one isnt too hard either if you can get your hand on an old PC power supply - it should have both 12v and 5v leads you can tap into - you might also find some with 3.3v. I know thiers some instructions on the web were people add fancy banana plugs and meters to pc power supplies and you could do that but it should work just fine as is too..

Can I just wire up two 6volt batteries in series to get 12 volts? I just want to bench test carling switches so I have a good idea how they work, before I have to sit my 60 and duke it out with the wires.

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