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Oct 8, 2006
Lafayette, Colorado
As part of my 1975 2F rebuild project, I'm now at the point were I need to make some decisions about the distributor. I'm going to be using the carburator, intake and exhaust manifolds from my '72 F motor on the 2F and I'm wondering if I should use the distributor from the '75 2F or the '72 F?

The numbers I found on the '75 2F distributor are 19100-61021 and 029100-4101. My other question is, if I use the 2F distributor, does anyone sell a rebuild kit or would I need to purchase parts individually? I haven't started cleaning the 2F distributor yet but here are a few parts that seem to be no brainers for replacement:

- Vacuum Advance Assembly - dented
- Vacuum Advance Set Screw - bent
- Distributor Cap Springs - one missing
- Spring Latch Screws
- Distributor Cap
- Rotor
- Points
- Condsener
- Distributor O Ring

Are there any other obvious parts that should be replaced? Thanks.
If it were me, I would look for a late model (08/80 to 12/87) 2F distributor, igniter/coil assembly and engine side cover to install since you can still find these in good shape reasonably priced and they still have serviceable components.
I totally agree with this. My 76 is running FJ60 ignition components and it really works nicely. The later large cap distributors have ball bearings to support the shaft instead of bushings and will last the life of the vehicle.

One other advantage no one talks about....The pre-81 hold down clamp for the distributor is Mickey Mouse. On the later large cap distributor, it just uses a fat bolt to directly bolt the body of the distributor to the engine block. It's like 10,000 times better.
From searching the subject, I found that I will need to have my '72 carb base drilled (?) for the ported vacuum port and I'll need to send the dizzy to Jim C. to be re-curved for my engine. Anything else? I'm now on the hunt for all the FJ60 ignition parts -- Distributor, Coil/Ignitor and side cover.
78/79 distributors are also electronic, and fit with your stock side cover. Although they are not ball bearing on the top part of the shaft they have all the benefits of the fj60 ones.

Waterproof(o-ring cap)
vacuum advance

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