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    Oh..and about my new starter...Lordco can take their 'discount' and shove it up their ass.

    It definetly pays to shop around.

    Hello, Lorco autoparts.

    Hi, can I get a price on a starter for a '69 chevy 350 please?

    Yup, (clickity clickety) thats $140 and I have one in stock.

    Whoa..I have an account..how much now?

    clickety clickety....that will be $114


    Further phoning around resulted in:

    T&T auto parts (pitt meadows) (with club discount) $90.83 (and 2 in stock)
    B&J auto parts in Poco $105
    Canadian Tire $91
    and good 'old faithfull BAP (Burnaby Auto Parts) $75 (no discount) or $99 for a 'hi-torque' model. None in stock but was available at the warehouse and could be at the store by 4 (was 2:30 at the time).

    I miss living in Burnaby for that reason alone. Needless to say I got it at BAP.

    I will have this to say about Lordco, they usually have the item you are looking for in stock, and they have great store locations and hours...I guess thats why we pay so much for the 'discount'.
    I used to have a friend who worked in the parts dept years ago...they were cheap then!;)
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