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Any good?

Hi there...
I am installing an ARB locker for my rear diff.... I set the bearing preload and now I want to know how can i torque the pinion nut to 200+ Nm, without disturbing the preload, as i am using a crush able spacer!
Or should i just lock the nut after setting the bearing preload?
Need advise...
troopymad said:
Hi mate
Once the correct preload is obtained, stake the nut.
What preload did u go to?

I had set a preload of 14 inch pound on pinion bearing and after following the manual to set the drive bearings, I checked the total preload and it was 15 or 16! Now I have locked the nut after adjusting the total preload to 16 inch pound as per the manual for néw bearings. It's all good but I noticed that the locker is working and the diff is cool except while coming to stop, I hear winding sound underneath! I checked the nut, if it's in same place and was all good! Will drive few kms, n will inspect the oil or else have to pull it out n have a look. Thanks
One thing I would like to add is that, when I checked the contacts of gear and pinion teeth, I noticed that, the whole tooth was having even contact, I mean instead of just in the center of tooth as per ur picture or manual, the whole area of the tooth was evenly contacted ! Do you thing its a wrong setting as I didn't disturb the washer under the bearing on pinion shaft and my back lash was set to 8 thou! While checking with blue, I gave some load on the drive gear with a pry bar!
Thanks guys
All good it was just the bloody worn brake pads!
Metal rubbing the metal!
All good..
Anyone that wants or has rebuilt a diff put any info or tips please post
Lots of people r scared to touch these things but it's not that bad
You will need this
And along with so other normal hand tools ur set to go

Fyi we stock all parts needed to rebuild or upgrade lc diffs of all types as well as the tools. Check out www.nitro-gear.com for full color install guide too

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