Diesel Troopy, 45 Pickup, 40 for sale in Gaffney SC

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Dec 1, 2003
Western North Carolina
I was on another delivery run today in Lexington and spotted a blue late 70's 45 pickup at a random car shop. After talking to one of mechanics I got the number to the owner who is "selling" a few of these things...

He has a lifted diesel 45 Troopie, a 77 BJ40, and the diesel 45 pickup! Has anyone else seen these things? Apparently he imported them (along with another HJ60 and BJ40 that he already sold) from Panama and is going to sell them "exclusively" on ebay.

I left his number at work unfortunately, but I'll post it later in case anyone is interested in nabbing one before he posts them on ebay.
very nice find....you'll have to let us know how it turns out.
I just wish I lived closer to Gaffney. Id love to see a lifted troopie. He said it had about 9 inches of lift. Slightly too much. Apparently it had been converted to a "jungle crawler" as he described it. Amazingly enough he drove it on the highway all the way from Lexington. Pretty nice guy. 803-397-5780 Ian is his name. Anyone who's close go take a look.
Damn, that's a pretty good looking troopy with some obvious wear and tear usage - and wondering how the sheet metal was replaced. Note that those repro. panels and tubs are coming from a guy north of Panama City.

In all my travels surfing the west (south) coast of Panama - I very rarely saw a Cruiser, much less a nice one. My biggest find was 3 BJ 75 pick up beds - with the headache racks and they were ruuuuusty.

Eager to see the BJ45 pickup :D.

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