Diesel Sequoia/Tundra for '09?

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I talked to a Toyota rep at a boat show a few months ago and she said the diesels were coming at the end of the year.
On a side note, you should have seen the wakeboard boats there.:eek::eek:
on a side note, diesel is 4+$/gallon. Unless you burn bio diesel, buying a new diesel anything is a shaky investment.
Agree with webelk. I was excited about the diesel Tundra's, but with the gas prices so high, it won't matter that they get slightly better MPG's. I guess you could run bio (making your rig smell like burnt french fries), but seems like a lot of hassle.

I'd rather have them invest in a better hybrid technology at this point.
I'd love to see a diesel/hybrid version of the 4runner/Tacoma/FJCruiser. That would really up the MPG's.

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