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Apr 14, 2005
Everywhere in Polk County!
I'm pretty dead set on my next cruiser being a diesel...prolly 60/62 of course. Wondering if anyone knows a reliable source for parts for the BJ/HJ powerplants besides someone to work on em.
I would think the dealership could, but somehow wouldn't trust my local yota dealer to touch my current 62, let alone a foreign diesel model.
I asked bout parts also because discount and autozone don't even have those engines listed in their systems, and the yota dealer stated "might be difficult to come by."
Want a diesel, but don't want to get stuck with something I can't fix. Know good diesel mechanics too, i have a 5.9L cummins diesel already. If yall trust diesel mechanics on your cruiser's, then just let me know.
I'm in FL also, in case anyone has some specific location help.
thanks for the info for an uninformed diesel cruiser guy.

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