Did some work on the 40 the last few months-Pics

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
I've had this 40 for a while and tried to actively do a couple big things each year to get keep it in good useable shape. Frame swap was the first along with about 3k in various new parts, Custom made front and rear bumpers made with Jim Cirbus(CIRBO), anyhow this project was to get the rust out of everything but the tub. Tub will prob last a few more years and honestly I love driving my cruiser and do not have the time, money or patience to park it for that long. So I bought...
1-bought lower door patches for the front doors
2-bought every new piece of weather stripping that Rick Arflin could sell me for my doors along with new handles
3-New windshield
4-good used hood
5-solid used bib
6-a bunch of cool tools along the way
7-and I became friends with the owner of Maaco here in Charlotte and Chip at Metrolina Paint and body

Here are some pics. I wish I took more but this will get us started and I can keep adding. ITs not a show car build but I have no desire to use it that way. I like to wheel it and enjoy it.
Landcruiser Pic November06 008.jpg
Fenders, windshield frame, doors, aprons were all sandblasted and rust cut out and metal welded back in. Lower door patches were installed. Turn signals are new too.
last ones for today. This was the truck when I dropped it off at Maaco today for painting. They gave me a solid deal for what I needed. I bought the hood here on mud from a guy in colorado. It was in great shape and he gave me a great price. Just needed to be sanded primed and painted. I was lazy so I let them do it. Should have it back with PPG Mustard Yellow paint to match the beautiful fenders and doors next week. I am pumped. From the pic you can see the swing out carrier, the tires are actually mt's not the at's from the first pic. Just thought I would share a few things that I have done over the last couple years. Not a super build but its always a learning experience for me since before now I have been a negative 3 banana mechanic.
sorry i forgot to click upload
Cruiser before paint.jpg
Ok one last shot of the boys in the driveway a couple months ago. Most of you have seen the 62, It was the raffle rig last year. I took it to the OTMT and to the Cullowhee trip this year....
Looking forward to another good 2009 trip too with everyone.

Can you tell I had some time to kill today.

Oh yeah there are some homebrew sliders on the 40 too you can prob see them underneath.
nice work, man.......see ya on the trails.

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