Devirginizing the $850 FJ62....

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Oct 30, 2005
I saw this Land Cruiser for sale while visiting family in Illinois, It had WAY too much rust on it but when I took it for a test drive I fell in love with it, it had 150K but had never been off road or abused. I didnt buy it as I had a 93 4runner with me, but when the 4runner motor blew in Wichita, I called the guy up and bought it to get home with (NM) The "Joe Dirt" model white rims are tempary until i can order some wheel spacers for SR5 $ runner rims/tires. I think for the rust I'm going to cover the lower panels with diamond plate just to hide the holes, I dont see the point of putting a ton of time making it look nice when there is so much rust underneath, yet it drives way too nice to tear apart. I welded up the bumper this weekend with leftover parts. I'm still well under $1000
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Welcome, and show us some pics
Good luck with your new ride.

Pics MAN!
That 62 is no virgin. :)
I have seen worse. Nice score for the $ if the frame is good then just put some rust bullet or the like on it.

If you start liking it more then spend the $ on a parts cruiser and use the dorrs, etc on it.
I'm hoping a rust free body/frame donor vehicle shows up in the next few years, I hate rust :mad: , I have no love for bashing your knuckles when a rusty bolt breaks off... until then I'm going to focus on keeping the drivetrain in top shape and throw in an ARB or detroit locker rear.
Id kill for an $850 150K mile motor, let alone a complete, running truck. Cut out the bad stuff, RustBullet the rest and run the piss out of it.


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