Deflating inflatable matress

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Jan 19, 2008
I bought an inflatable matress that lasted exactly one week and then it needed pumping at night. I know! I could not find a specific leak and anyway, since it had a clothy sort of covering a normal repair will not work. Thinking it was a bad one,I bought another one and the same happened. It was well looked after and not used on thorns etc. Are they all so shortlived and how can a leak be found and repaired
I gave up on air mattresses years ago,
I bought a nice queen or king sized one for a huge tent I have, and it lost air the first night out in it.

The only type I like is the backpacking type like Thermorests.
Just never had any luck with the all air ones.
I returned my x-large REI air mattresses and bought the Cabelas 3 inch foam mattress. I spent three nights on her in the desert in the back of the LC. It was great! I will go back to thermarest or similar products!:)
Seems my fears were realised. Were looking at the inflatables for space considerations.Foam matresses for 2 adults and 2 large ( sometimes three )kids and take up a lot of space, but maybe will end up with a roof rack.

Thx for the replies
In the last couple years the quality of those things have improved greatly. However, call stores before you buy one (versus driving around) because many of them specifically will NOT accept returns on these air mattresses. I know WalMart is one and it really pissed me off because we ended up needing a larger one and they pointed a little sign in the camping aisle that suspends their return policy for air mattresses only...

Is it a cheap Coleman inflatable? Our scoutmaster has gone thru two in the same time that I've had one INTEX inflatable matress purchased at REI. It's still going strong. I use that for tent camping and have a 3.5" 'thermarest' type I use when sleeping in the truck. It's from REI as well.

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