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    I have a ?New/used? (looks new but my Dad was wierd about his stuff, so it may have been used but it looks new) deep cycle pump for (refrigerant repair?) Maybe well pump. Not sure about that. I'm at work now (6:p est) and will post pics when I get home or will email them by request. No idea what their worth.

    I also have an ocilliscope for sale. I plugged it in. It came on, but I honestly have no idea how to use it. Way heavy. shipping may be a booger for it, but it's small 18"x12"x24".

    My Dad passed about two years ago. I finally got the confidence to go through the garage.

    I have a couple of metal cabinets 4"-6" deep, 18" wide and 28" tall. 2 or 3 shelves in each one. they are full of Sealed Power little boxes. Maybe wheel bearings for misc cars? And little Federal Mogul boxes.

    He was the plant engineer at Federal Mogul in Jacksonville, AL. and brought this stuff with him when we moved to the mountains.

    I've got some signal stat lights that go on the roof. There are two rotating lights under a yellow lens. It plugs into the 12v. about 15' cord.

    I think thats it for now. More to come.

    Let me know what you want and a price before shipping. You will only have to pay actual shipping costs.

    oh...Craftsman router table. Looks almot new except for the dust. Again, shipping would be a beast.

    Anyway. sorry. for the ramble.
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