Dead on the side of road. P1305,P1310,P1315,P0715.

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Oct 18, 2013
1998 LC 215K --So I going down the road pulling a trailer and all of the sudden my Tach drops to zero and its like key is off then jumps back up to 2500-3000rpm or what ever. Does this a couple of time then dies and won't restart. Check engine light comes on and pull codes and get 1305,1310,1315 and 0715. Tow it home and take my Sequoia on trip. Week later it starts and runs smooth. It almost seemed like a short circuit. Anyone give me any input to Coilpack failure etc. Don't mind replacing coils but need to try and get to bottom of this.

Thanks for any input!
Sorry, the codes are coil pack 2 3 4 bad. and 0715 Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction. Thanks
Agree on the bad sensor.m I miswired an o2 sensor and it shut off once..
Thanks, I'm with you on 3 coil packs going out.

OK I'm reading up on 0715. Yesterday after letting it Idle for about 20 minuets I decided to take it for a ride. It was idling smooth and going down road well at about 25mph. I decided before I got too far from home to stress it a little. I floored it and trans downshifted then started acting the same way. then died and wouldn't restart.

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