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Nov 26, 2008
Charleston, SC
Give me a call ASAP.
Did you think you were sending a pm?...lol

Seriously Mike.....now we're sitting here all worried that something is wrong or ? Come on
don't leave us hanging......

Hope its something good......
First thing in the AM
Nothing to worry about. my brother is wanting to buy a CJ-5 in the morning in Myrtle Beach and I am trying to get him to hold on until I can talk with dBenke to find out dome info on that thing. It has a 304 and I I never heard of that motor. is there anything we should know about CJ's? Is a CJ-7 better than a 5? Known problems with either model. Things of that nature. Sorry to get your panties in a wad.
5's are 10 inches shorter than 7's. I can't fit in one very well because the seat hits the wheel well and doesn't go back far enough.
The 304 is a stock AMC engine. pretty good power, especially in a light weight '5.
The biggest thing to look for is rust. I've already replaced my floorboards, and lots of rust coming in front of the door. Also the welds for the rear inner fenders wells.
I love mine, but they won't ride real well on the road. Just like a '40.

I saw you were still on here and called you, but it went to voice-mail

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