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Jul 20, 2012
New owner of a 76 FJ40.... When I purchased there was no dash pad, so I purchased a dash pad from FJDash and tried to install, i quickly realized something was wrong... After further research I purchased 2 brackets from SOR, I tried to go by the diagram on SOR but I am till stumped. I folded wind shield down,(the tub is fiberglass) and there ar no holes for these brackets but it does appear something was there and they broke the lip off in several places but I have weatherstripping for the windshield on top of where I think these brackets go somehow? So I have a dash pad support, a dash retainer and a aftermarket dash and I have tried many different configs to no avail, anyhelp would be appreciated. Do i need to remove the 3/4 " wide weatherstripping first?


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Oct 10, 2010
Horse Country, NJ
Post up some pictures; kind of hard to see what you have and what the problem is just from your description. If I understand your last question, no you shouldn't have to remove the weatherstripping to install a dash pad.

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