Dash commander settings?

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Aug 15, 2014
Setting up the dash commander and have a question. Does anyone know the answer to this specific to the 4.7l engine we all love?

What is the brake specific fuel consumption? Fuel consumed for one hour to make one horse power (lb/(hp*h))

I think you'll need to know how many pounds of fuel per hour your engine burns at peak torque. Looking at some charts online, you are probably safe between .4-.5. I wonder if it uses that program and fuel trim to adjust power. Does that dash commander not come with preset programs for different models, or is it generic and you have to input variables?
I am sure it has some default settings but the program is very robust and has probably the most open architecture of any app i have ever put on my phone. There are a ton of expansions and variable settings. What you see above is what you get on the settings. It suggests certain variables. That is just one of many other settings.

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