Darryl's Project

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Sep 6, 2003
Tulsa, OK
Darryl sent me a couple of photos of his ride's current state - he wanted me to share.
Pass Side.jpg
Shackle 1.jpg
Shackle 2.jpg
a few of his friend's
Big Blue 1.jpg
Big Blue 2.jpg
Thanks Heath.I wish I Knew how to work a computer.The shackles still need to go on.The blue rig belongs to Phil who has helped me through this .He has been invaluable with his knowledge and patience.SO far weve done the 4" Skyjacker lift SU and the Wilwood disc setup on the front.Warn Competition Hubs.Also put on a set of 33x12.50 BFG TA KO's.The old stock springs were preety sagged out.That explains why a 4" lift and slightly stepping up the tire size got me a solid 7" of lift.The shackles will add an inch and more importantly...help the flex.It actually rides pretty good right now but...I'm putting those shackles on!Thanks again Heath for the post-up on the flics.I can't wait to get back to Disney.That place is SWEEET!!!

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