Cylinder Head Rebuilt

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May 28, 2013
Hoping to get the head from my 3FE pulled this weekend so I can get it in for a rebuild. Called Lanier's Speed Shop downtown, and the man on the phone sounded confused and really didn't know jack about the 3FE, so I'm a bit hesitant to take it in there to have it done. I'd love to find someone that has experience with these motors.

Obviously, I could just buy a rebuilt head, but it would most likely be cheaper to just have it rebuilt.

Does anyone know of any reputable shops that could do the work on the 3FE head? I'm not even limited to the shop being in the Springs. I'd take it anywhere along the front range in order to have it done right.

Call Rocky Mountain Machine on St. Vrain. He's not a fan of foreign car stuff, but he does great work. Has done many heads for me. Please do not use Ace's Engines, personally seen many bad engines come from there.

Might also try Napa on 8th street. They might still do head work. They did a friend of mine's 3.0 heads.
Martin at the Machine shop, downtown by the tracks. Mostly does porsches and euro but was nice enough to do my ls6 heads. Was tapping some Magnesium cases off an old 911 last time i was there :eek: Best in town IMO, but not the cheapest. tell him josh sent you.
Take moreno ave from sierra madre all the way to the east side of fountain creek, enter the gate then go left on the service road and immediately right.

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