cutting swampers, Reduction in life?

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After running cut and uncut swampers on 40, I cannot tell a difference in treadwear. The biggest difference I've seen out of any grooving or siping is the increased traction on wet/snowy/slushy/icey pavement from siping my center lugs on my 60.
Thanks for the reply.

street driven to trails, most trails are with in 40 miles.
most of the trails are large rock with dirt between them.






Coupled with the low psi that you're running, I think you'll be pleased. I think a groover does wonders for tire lift in general, since you can scoop out the wear bars when the Swampers get down that far. Then, it's almost like you've got new Swampers again.
oh sorry

the tire is about 1/4" thick from the inside of the tire, to the wear bar. i had my tires off and was gonna cut them, but decided there is not enuff meat there.

does this make sense?
i cut mine makes huge difference on wet roads and muddy trails clean better and they seem to wear slower not quicker



im running a healthy 351w and they last a long time
yep, cut the chevrons and left the outer lugs alone.

need pictures of the 351, I was going to do that at one time but didn't have the money to build the rest of the truck correctly.

had a van with the 351 and a factory manual 4 speed on the floor, never seen another like it.

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