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Apr 13, 2011
At the FJ summit this year I found a couple of bumpers I liked. There was an Aussie one that started at around $2 grand, out of my price range. The Expedition One is pretty nice, but the tire carrier doesn't have room for 2 jerry cans, which is a must-have. The one I really liked was the Metaltech Red Eye bumper, but it apparently has rust issues as detailed here and here. A stainless fittings option at higher cost is of course available.

Of course I loved Mat's low-clearance unit, but after bugging him for 2 years I think the answer is possibly a "no" (unless...?). Things I'm looking for:

  • as good or better departure angle than stock
  • includes hitch mount
  • able to carry 35" rubber + 2 full jerry cans + hi lift without sagging over time
  • rear window does not have to open but that would be nice if it did
Since I have successfully torn off both the rear plastic bumper wings, I figured it was time to get on the ball and ask if anyone was willing to talk about building me a custom one, or if I should just get the Red Eye with stainless steel parts.
Jun 1, 2006
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While I'm in school and working it's not going to happen. I've tried doing custom fabrication and this but it's not a realistic schedule. Also while I don't have my shop (and keep running it out of my very generous friend's yard) it's also next to impossible. Mine would also be around that price range. A fully built rear bumper for an FJC with a full size swing out, meant to carry fuel and a tire is not cheap (a well built one).
What are you looking at spending?
To maintain the same departure angle or better and have a trailer hitch you have to cut the rear cross member like I did on Drew's. That's an additional day of modifications and alterations to the truck. The bumper needs to be built to replace that feature and do it's job on top of that. Every other setup needs to be either mounted under the cross member or behind it. Both cases will affect the angle. If I had to choose between them I'd say sticking further out the back would be a better bet.
I would love to get back into the fabrication business but I neither have the time right now or the space. Hell, I don't have the space to build half a bumper. When I finally get a chance to buy a place and set up shop then it will be different but who knows when that will be. Almost got a perfect one last year but it didn't work out. Sadly, I as much as I enjoy it and would love to help, I can't.
Good luck, I hope you find someone who can make what you need in the budget you can afford. If you want some options why not talk to one of the guys that's on crackbook, he posts often on 4wdabc site and a couple others. Tator Fabrication, he advertises that he does fab work for $35/hr. No idea as to quality or anything like that but it's an option.
With your demand of what to carry on the swing out I highly recommend not cheaping out on the hinge/spindle. You'll need a heavy duty one with a thick mount. I would recommend going with a bearing one, the one I used on Drew's bumper was this one: (and it survived a Dodge rear ending it)


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Oct 22, 2008
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