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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Hey Folks,

As I have explained to most, I recently had my email account hacked and lost a ton of email. I have gone through the ONCSC email account and database as thoroughly as possible and here is the list of members I believe are current on dues. If you are not included on this list, but have paid, please contact me and let's get it corrected. If you haven't renewed, and plan to, please go ahead and do so as soon as possible.

There are several recent new members that I am sending out the new member packet to today. If you did not receive the packet as a new member, please let me know. I also mentioned this earlier, but several of you I saw in person and gave the sticker/cards, but did not send the packet to, since that is pretty much what is sent. I don't want anyone to feel slighted or anything, so PM me if by next week this time you haven't gotten the mailing.

:beer: Ramon Weller

Angstreich Michael
Christianson Bill & Julie
Dickenson Allen
Fields Lloyd
Free Jason
Gibhardt Justin
Haden Jared
Herman Brock
Johnston Eric
Jones Josh
Kammerman Christian
Keefer Brian
Kiefer David H
Kiefer David T
Kushnir Alexander
Mabe Jon
Mangual Jorge
Micchiche Joe
Miller David
O'Leary Sean
Page Thomas
Pellas Al
Pratt Terry
Roman Del
Russel Donald
Smith Sage
Strong Clint
Terzidis John
Touw Darin
Vann Alastair
Weller Ramon
Wells Jason

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