cummins 6AT

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May 21, 2006
United States
I've got an original cummins 6AT for sale. Bought it a few years back for the fj60 but decided to finish another project needing funds. Around 160k(miles) and ran strong before pulled. Fully mechanical, just 1 wire hookup for glow plugs, bolts up to chevy bellhousing, comes with bosch high output alternator,and water separator. looking for $1500. contact mike at 360-223-0914. located in anacortes washington.
Now that is a motor. Bump
What will it come with? Starter? Bellhousing? Please let me know.


no starter, or bellhousing, but any chevy bellhousing will work.

Ok guys i'm dropping the price of the engine. Lots of lookers but no for sure takers yet. $1400 come and get it!
Just an FYI.. This motor should be a bolt up to any chevy to LC adapter I have ridden in two different 6AT powered cruisers, fj40 and FJ60 and both felt just as powerful or more so than any 2f powered rig I've driven and I don't think much lift is necessary.

Does it have a flywheel for a standard clutch?
Yes it does have a flywheel for a standard clutch. It is super burly and could be machined to fit just about any clutch within reason. Thing probably weighs about 25lb:) When I bought this engine I had done research and found that this is a very smooth setup and gets anywhere from 28-32 mpg while sustaining decent power. This would be sweet in a cruiser:)

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