Crystal Mountain Cleanup/Campout

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Feb 16, 2007
Fort Collins
Hey Y'all :hillbilly:, the Crystal mountain cleanup is still tentatively scheduled for June 26-27, as long as we do not get more snow...:lol: Frank relayed that the FS informed him that there is lotsa snow at the entrance as of Friday. :eek: The schedule for the run remains the same as what Julie posted up. Meet at JJ's at 9 am on the 26th of June.
News as it happens...........

The FS is opening Moody/Crystal on the 15th. We can choose whether to go the weekend of the 19th or stick with our original plan on the 26th... :steer:
Oh yeah.. Father's Day wheeling with the family.

Hey Guys, anybody have an empty seat? Bill is between Landcruisers & we'll be taking the 40 which only has two seats.
He would very much like to come for the clean-up if anyone has room. :bounce::bounce2::doh:
Bill called me and is riding with me. Meeting at your house @ 8AM for a 10 course breakfast :doh:
I'm going to be able to join finally. I'll be the guy with the "new" cruiser without a proper front axle.
Very Nice!
See you all er "y'all" there :grinpimp:

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