Cruiser Solutions - bad experience

Nov 20, 2012
I made an order #1282 via internet site, paid on August, 10.

Spare Tire bracket FJ40 + 2 rubber cushion = ap 109$ + delivery to Europe 171$!!!

No information after this (44 days)!

4 letters (2 helpdesk + 1 email +1 Facebook). No reply no feedback - just zero information!

There is status "pending" for my order...

Strictly do not recommend to do any business with this company!!!

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Dec 8, 2014
I dealt with Ted there before. Similar experience. After several calls I finally got my order shipped to me. Surprise, it was wrong. Wrong parts for my year. Too many of some parts not enough of others. Called to correct the issue. Sent wrong part again. Finally after a month of messing around with him he sent me the right parts plus some extra parts. Old man emu shackles, rear crossmember that I did not order. This time I was not sending the wrong parts back again on my dime like twice before. I called Ted again. He said he would give me a postage paid slip. 2 weeks nothing. I called again. A month later nothing. One last call to Ted to explain I have parts I did not pay for. The reply I will get you a pre paid postage slip. Thanks for the call. I get one prepaid for the cross member and nothing for the shackles. At this point I'm done calling. First and last time doing business with them. I called so much Ted Gabe me his cell number.
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