Cruiser club in So Illinois???

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Nov 10, 2005
Marion, IL
I couldn't find any cruiser associations in So. IL. Any advice on getting on started?? I know that I need a support group when it comes to my fj62, at least someone to take the gun away. Who knows, I only know two other people that have criusers here.
might check the windy city crew also...see if you can't recruit some of them.

btw, henry brimmer is now living in c/u area as is my friend marcus who was one of the original wclc members...although his cruiser is sadly in pieces and has been for years.
I thought I was the only cruiser owner in Champaign until a week and a half ago when I spotted an '86 BJ-60 outside of a bar. I dropped the owner a note and we've gotten together, but it wasn't Henry or Marcus.

Rumor has it there's a girl who drives a 40 up around here too, so the area potentially has 5 owners or so, we just need to get more organized. But back on subject, notatree, the Hoosier guys are great and Indy's same distance from me as Chicago, you could easily meet up at my place if you ever want to get to one of their events.
Indy's about 6 hours away. I'm not sure my cruiser will make that journey. I guess I need a support and labor group that will work for pizza and beer.

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